Speaking up is positive for REMA 1000!

Speaking up is positive for REMA 1000!

Value-driven leadership is also about promoting a better work culture through openness and good communication throughout the organization. This gives us the opportunity to rectify matters and to develop business positively. In REMA 1000, we encourage, in the first instance, everyone to talk to each other, and not about each other. If this is not possible, the matter can be taken up with the responsible manager, and then the Working Environment Representative or the Trade Union Representative. If that does not resolve the situation, we have established a Whistleblower channel that makes it possible for employees and external vendors to report concerns about possible illegal actions and unacceptable behavior contrary to our values – without any fear of retaliation.

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is to notify concerns of possible breaches without using ordinary reporting mechanisms. REMA 1000 encourages everyone to notify of actions that could threaten the company’s finances and/or reputation.

Examples of breaches include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspicion of fraud, corruption, theft, or accounting offenses
  • Error reporting or manipulation of information
  • Harassment, bullying, discrimination, racism, or poor working environment
  • Other violations of health, work environment, or safety
  • Other illegal acts or acts contrary to REMA 1000’s values

How to report?

Fill out the form to contact the Whistleblower channel: https://trustcom.pwc.no/rema1000?language=en You thereby send your notification to PwC, which processes the notification. The whistleblower decides what information is to be provided.

However, to ensure sufficient information to be able to perform adequate follow-up actions, the reports should include as much details as possible and, if available, supporting evidence. The notifications should at least include information regarding:

  • Time or period and place of the incident
  • Specific information regarding the incident and the basis of the whistleblower’s information
  • Any persons the whistleblower believe would have knowledge of the issue

You can report anonymously. However, a proper examination can be difficult if the information provided cannot be tested or verified. We therefore encourage you to provide your full name so that the investigator at PwC can obtain further information from you if necessary. You may also choose to be anonymous to REMA 1000, but to reveal your identity to PwC, who receives the notifications. Anyone reporting concerns can do so without fear of reprisals.

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